Samsung 77" Class OLED 4K S95C Series (QN77S95CAFXZC)-2023-Open Box 10/10 Condition with 1 Year Warranty

Samsung 77" Class OLED 4K S95C Series (QN77S95CAFXZC)-2023-Open Box 10/10 Condition with 1 Year Warranty

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Open Box product. The 77" Samsung OLED S95C Series has a sleek minimalist design allowing the TV to sophisticatedly blend into any space. Empowered by OLED technology, 8.3 million self-illuminating pixels and top level Dolby Atmos speakers provide cinematic level picture and audio in the comfort of your home. Experience intelligent quantum technology with 4K AI upscaling that upgrades content scene by scene so you are watching the best quality all the time.


Unrivaled Realistic and Vivid Visuals

77" 4K Ultra HD QLED display with 3840 x 2160 resolution gives you vivid visuals in a stunning 4K Ultra HD picture.

The Neural Quantum Processor 4K automatically improves scenes, regardless of the original content with its 4K AI Upscaling.

Quantum HDR OLED+ creates dynamic contrast with every individual pixel responding to create brighter brights and darker darks that dynamically tone-maps every scene to maximize your viewing pleasure.

World's first TV that received validation from PANTONE, a trusted symbol of colour fidelity.

Real Depth Enhancer mirrors how human eyes process depth by increasing foreground contrast for 3D pictures that feel like they could come right out of the screen.

Expert calibration delivers professional-grade high-fidelity colour reproduction that remains true to the original content.

Enhanced Stunning Audio

Surround yourself with sounds from the TV and soundbar orchestrated in harmony. Q-Symphony uniquely allows TV and soundbar speakers to operate simultaneously for better surround effect without muting TV speakers.

OTS+ creates a vividly realistic 3D sound experience with built-in speakers that makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the action.

Dolby Atmos provides an unprecedented audio experience by immersing you in multi-dimensional sound.

Smart TV with Smarter Technologies

Tizen OS allows for easy operation, giving you instant access to your favourite shows, movies and more.

Preloaded with Samsung TV Plus (80+ free live TV channels), Netflix, Prime, Disney Plus, Apple TV, YouTube, SmartThings, Gallery, and Samsung Health (subscriptions may be required).

Relax and let SmartThings seamlessly connect to, monitor and control all your smart devices to intuitively control your home via a built-in hub.

With AI Energy Mode, you can conserve power. Surrounding light levels are automatically detected and analyzed to adjust the brightness, reducing overall power consumption.

Unwind and rest with Eyecomfort Mode, brightness and colours of your display are intelligently adjusted following local sunset and sunrise times.

Elevated Gaming Experience

Start gaming faster with the Gaming Hub which allows access to your favourite cloud and console games as well as standalone apps.

The Motion Xcelerator Trubo+ allows players to enjoy ultra-smooth gameplay without lag or motion due to exceptional motion enhancements in 4K 144Hz.

FreeSync Premium Pro technologies provide a top tier HDR gaming experience with tear free, stutter free and low latency HDR gaming.

Compatibility and Connectivity

Connect with people through a streamlined, one-stop platform that matches populator live TV events with chatrooms or connect with family with connectime allowing instant voice activated video calls on the big screen.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants for effortless voice controls.

Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, Wi-Fi and wired options make it easy to pair the TV with your home network and devices.

4 HDMI ports and 3 USB media ports allow you to connect media streaming devices including set top boxes and gaming consoles.

Design, Ease and Convenience

The SolarCell remote has a solar panel on its back that uses both indoor and outdoor light for charging so no need for disposable batteries.

Mind-blowingly Infinity One Design that exhibits absolute beauty found in minimalism while still enjoying an elegant immersive viewing experience.

Spend more time watching with a rapid 120 Hz refresh rate.

Attachable Slim One Connect that helps to minimize cable clutter regardless of the installation environment.


4K Ulta HD

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